Vallejo CPR Classes by the American Heart Association

American Heart Association CPR Classes in Vallejo

We are able to provide CPR and First-aid classes at your place of business in Vallejo, CA. The CPR classes can be taught at your site on any day of the week or on weekends. If you are looking for a BLS renewal class near Vallejo, our classroom in Concord is only about 15 miles away. Here are a few of the benefits of taking your CPR training with us:

1. Students will receive their American Heart Association card on the day of class.
2. Students do not have to pay for the CPR class until arrival.
3. Students can cancel their class at anytime
4. CPR classes are offered near Vallejo about every day.

View our schedule below:
BLS Renewal Classes near Vallejo
CPR Classes near Vallejo

Or you can call us at 925-691-9780