Online CPR Certification Classes in the East Bay

Online CPR AHA class in San Francisco for nurses and doctors

Can medical professional take an online CPR training and get a CPR Card?
I will let you answer this questions. Online CPR classes are not supervised by an instructor, there is no practice on CPR mannequins, there are not videos, books or written tests. Someone goes to one of these online websites, pays about $50 and then prints out a certification card from their printer. Do you think this person would be able to perform CPR properly? Would you want this person performing CPR on you? So obviously this is another internet scam. Do not get fooled. Take a real AHA CPR course in your community.

Blended eLearning

The American Heart Association has developed blended eLearning courses which combine an online portion with skills practice and testing with an AHA instructor. These blended elearning CPR course are valid.