BLS CPR Renewal Classes near San Ramon

American Heart Association BLS in San Ramon

Safety Training Seminars offers two CPR classrooms that are located close to San Ramon. The Dublin location is about 8 miles away or the Concord office is 15 miles.

View CPR classes near San Ramon – Dublin (about 8 miles away)

View CPR classes near San Ramon – Concord (about 15 miles away)

How many times have we watched one of our favorite fictional characters on television save the life of an innocent? We have watched many times, to be sure. We feel a mixture of relief, happiness, even pride, at the person who took the time (long before the incident transpired) to learn the requisite skills to save a fellow human.Why can’t each one of us be like that fictional character we admire so much from television? The answer, of course, is that each one of us can, and should, gain the knowledge we need to save the life of someone in crisis. Enter the San Ramon cpr classes from Concord. The San Ramon cpr classes offered by Concord are comprehensive, affordable and far from time consuming. They are taught by seasoned instructors who have answers to all of your questions and who can help you perfect a skill that just might save a life, or two, or three or four, well into the future.

Firstly, Concord’s San Ramon cpr classes are thorough. We can teach you how to perform cpr on an adult, on a child and, if you can believe it, on a baby. We will show you what mistakes to avoid making so as to refrain from causing further damage to someone already in distress, and we will show you little tips and tricks that, someday, could end up being the difference between life and death. Secondly, Concord’s San Ramon cpr classes can fit even the tightest budget. We know this Grand Recession has knocked the wind out of everyone’s sails. That’s okay. We don’t intend to charge you an arm and a leg to learn something about which we’re so passionate and believe can do so much good in the world. We’re only out to cover our own expenses and make a small profit. So when you decide to enroll in our San Ramon cpr classes, don’t worry about being charged too much or having to choose between gaining lifesaving knowledge and saving a buck or two.

Here, we believe you can maintain control of your budget while expanding your knowledge base to include something that can be invaluable in the very near future. Thirdly, San Ramon cpr classes take very little of your time. Think, for a moment, about how much time per week you spend watching your favorite reality television shows. Your average American spends four hours in front of the television per day. Per week, therefore, you’re likely spending approximately 30 hours. In comparison, our San Ramon cpr classes only take a miniscule portion of your time. More importantly, you’ll consider the time you spend with us an investment. The skills you learn in our San Ramon cpr classes will last you a lifetime. Odds are, you’ll likely forget about this year’s American Idol winner in short order. Our classes, however, will leave a permanent impression. Enroll in one of our San Ramon cpr classes now. You won’t regret it. We promise.