BLS CPR for Nurses

Concord nurses must take the BLS CPR class

Nurses who work for any of the major hospitals in the East Bay are required to have their BLS CPR certification from the American Heart Association. Beware of the many online scams and non certified schools in the Bay area. We are an AHA  Training School so the certification cards are issued on the same day. This class is for nurses, nursing students, LVN, CNA, or anyone else in the medical field.

Why do nurses love taking the BLS CPR class here in Concord:

1. Nurses get their cards on the day of the class. Other places mail out the cards which can take 2-3 weeks.
2. Nurses don’t pay for the training until the day of class. Keep your money in your pocket.
3. Nurses receive the American Heart Association BLS for the HCP CPR card. Official Certification card.
4. Our classes are fun. Our instructors are friendly. And we offer lots of free parking.

Upcoming BLS CPR classes in Concord